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Rosacea Treatment
~Amrita Majumdar

An Introduction to Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a kind of dispersed redness which is usually accompanied by little red protrusions. In is commonly seen in people with a fair complexion. The first step towards Rosacea treatment is to avoid spicy food and alcohol. Heat, as in the use of saunas, or steam chambers, or intake of hot beverages, also can intensify the problem. It is quite possible that the symptoms of Rosacea could be a result of other disorders.

Initial Steps to Rosacea Treatment
The very first step towards Rosacea treatment would definitely be to consult a dermatologist. It is quite possible that the symptoms of Rosacea could be as a result of other disorders. However itís a fact that there is no permanent cure for Rosacea. Though there are methods by which the disease can be brought under control and prevent further damage to the skin. As a result of a good Rosacea treatment, the breakouts on the face can be minimized and the spreading of the redness can be significantly controlled.

The very first step towards Rosacea treatment would definitely be to consult a dermatologist

Various Kinds of Rosacea Treatment
Usually after a person is diagnosed with Rosacea, the doctor prescribes a combination of Oral antibiotics and Topical antibiotics. The oral antibiotics keep the redness and the formation of more cysts under check, whereas the topical antibiotics keep the symptoms under control. In all the cases the dermatologist must consider the general lifestyle as well as the daily diet of the person. However oral antibiotics are not prescribed for a long period of time, because of the numerous side effects such as sensitivity to the sun and stomach upset. It may take some weeks to see any significant improvement and unlike the oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics are recommended to be used even after the redness and other symptoms have visibly reduced.

Rosacea treatment is absolutely necessary because left untreated, red lines, technically known as telangiectasis, may appear on the face. The red lines are seen as a result of the enlargement or damage of the blood vessels in the face. At present the only cure possible is either to camouflage them with cosmetics or rectify them with surgery. There are three major ways to treat the damaged blood vessels:

1) Inject concentrated saline water in the blood vessels so as to close them up.

2) Using laser to seal the damaged vessels so as to prevent flow of blood to the surface of the skin. According to dermatologists it takes three to four sittings to see any significant difference, using the traditional laser treatment. The cost of the treatment depends upon the number of vessels that need to be treated.

3) A new form of treatment called Photoderm or better known as the Mixed light pulse treatment. This particular type of Rosacea treatment basically stimulates the collagen using light energy, which prevents further damage to the skin.

Therefore as early a detection is required for successful Rosacea treatment.

[The author is not a medical practitioner. The article is based entirely on her online research. For specific problems, readers are requested to seek professional advice.]

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